You Might Be a Civil War Reenactor If………


– You quote lines from “Gettysburg” and “Gods and Generals” in your everyday communication…

– As you watch movies, you look for ways you can improve the way that you “die” to make it more and more spectacular.

– Your $400 canvas tent takes up more room in your garage than your $20,000 car

– Your UPS driver know your event is coming up because you are receiving another 25lbs of powder.

– Your friends run when they see you coming because they know you are going to tell them what happened “on this date in Civil War” history.

– You flip when you find out that there are 25 pounds of gunpowder in the closet because you were expecting to find at least 50.

– You’ve ever been asked, “Did you sleep there last night?”

– You get kicked out of a national park or museum because the guide or ranger is mad that you keep correcting them and stealing their tours.

– You have to choose between an event and a family relatives wedding, and you don’t get why the event isn’t the right choice.

– You’ve ever been accused of being Amish when you wore your uniform out in public.

– You write “Confederate Army” in the “former military service” section of a job application.

– You’ve ever passed a piece of acreage and said to yourself “That would make a great battlefield!”

– A reenactment is the only time a group of guys get together and actually compliment each other’s clothes.

– You own a cannon that functions much more than just “lawn decoration.”

– You brag that your grandfather is the only surviving soldier of the Civil War…reenactment of 1930.

– Your idea of going for a relaxing hike or trail ride has to involve a uniform and weapons.

– You consider sleeping in a barracks at an event to be like staying in a Holiday Inn.

– You equate Sutler’s Row with a shopping mall.

– You’ve seen virtually every War movie ever made.

– You name your pets, or even your kids, after Civil War generals.

– You’ve completely forgotten what “normal” camping and vacations were like.

– You will travel hundreds, even thousands of miles to visit a battlefield you’ve already seen a dozen times.

– Your family has to ask you specifically what you want for Christmas or your birthday, because they don’t know the difference between an infantry, cavalry, or artillery jacket.

And last but not least…
You wear wool clothing when it’s 95 degrees out.
You sleep outside when it’s raining.
You camp where the bugs live.
You shoot guns without the bullets.
You travel hundreds of miles and spend hundreds of dollars each year to do all of those things.
And, you make memories and friendships that last a lifetime.

7 Responses to You Might Be a Civil War Reenactor If………

  1. pathfinderdoc says:

    Can I get an Amen brothers and sisters!

  2. xwingnut says:

    Another famous question asked to reenactors at events: “Don’t ya get hot wearin’ all that wool?”

  3. Dorian says:

    You might be a Civil War reenactor if you have ever reenacted by yourself!

  4. Dorian says:

    If you are dressed in civies and someone says you look like you just came from the Civil War.

  5. Dorian says:

    You know you are a Civil War re enactor when other people that you know tell all their friends and aquantences that you are a Civil War re enactor and the other people nod their heads and say they can believe that because you look like a Civil War re enactor.

  6. Dorian says:

    Actually Christmas shopping is easy. Something “Civil Warish”, and they ask to find out what you already have.

  7. Dorian says:

    You go to garage sales seeking stuff that would work in camp.

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